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Catalogue of the paintings and works on paper (drawings, collages, watercolours and photoworks) by Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart, 1899-1962.

Arta Valstar-Verhoff, Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation/CH

Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart K 56
Paintings / K 56

The new publication is a digital one, to keep things within a great actuality. Information concerning the Artist, the Archive of the estate, the Foundation, the VG Award, Literature on VG, the Author and questions on copyright as well as the New Œuvre-Catalogue can be retrieved digitally.

Both elder catalogues of the artist‘s OEuvre – Dietrich Helms, 1971 (in: Hans L.C. Jaffé, Vordemberge-Gildewart. Mensch und Werk, Köln 1971) and Arta Valstar-Verhoff, 1990 (in: Dietrich Helms (Ed.)/Arta Valstar-Verhoff (Ass.), Vordemberge-Gildewart. The Complete Works, London 1990) – were published as printed books.

Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart kept a studio-book throughout his artistic career from 1919 to 1962 – patient, accurate and with a lot of comments. This book travelled with him from Hanover, where he started out as an artist, to Amsterdam where he emigrated in 1938 to escape Nazi Germany, and back to Germany in 1954 when he became a teacher at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm.
It lists a number of works on paper, which he regarded as his first “compositions”, in 1922 followed by a long list of paintings titled “KNo 1” to “KNo 223” in 1962. The New Œuvre follows this system.
The studio-book is now part of the estate at Museum Wiesbaden.

Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart D40
Drawings / D 40


Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart C23
Collages / C23



“The authentic colour artist amongst the constructivist painters.”

Willy Rotzler, London 1972

During his life as an artist Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart used the name Vordemberge-Gildewart or shortened “VG”.

Watercolours / W 8
Watercolours / W 8
Photoworks / P 6

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