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The Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation started its work in 1981 through the last will of Ilse Engelina Vordemberge, née Leda, 1906-1981, widow of the artist Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart, called VG.

In 1977 Ilse Leda had decreed that every year one artist from a European country should get a grant out of the estate “to live and work absolutely free from care for one year”. Since 1983 the Foundation gives out a yearly award through an international jury and supports research, publications and exhibitions on the work of Vordemberge-Gildewart.
The foundation is based in Rapperswil/Switzerland, the last residence of Ilse Vordemberge-Leda.

The archive of the estate was given to Museum Wiesbaden in 1997 and can be viewed there by anyone. The museum also owns the largest collection of paintings and drawings by Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart.



Ilse Leda und VG, Ulm 1960
Ilse Leda and VG, Ulm 1960
Ilse Leda and VG in Amsterdam 1952
Ilse Leda and VG in Amsterdam 1952



„The work is a pure mirror of the personality of a man who sets order against the chaos of this world.“

Willy Rotzler, London 1972

The Foundation Rapperswil/Switzerland

Dr Linus Bruhin

Dr hc David Juda
Gebhard Klaus
Dr Roman Zieglgänsberger
Dr Arta Valstar-Verhoff

Early years

Dr Egon Bruhin 1981 – 2020

Dr Egon Bruhin
Prof Dietrich Helms (until 2019, followed by Dr Roman Zieglgänsberger)
Annely Juda (until 2006, followed by Dr hc David Juda)
Werner J. Hauser (until 2013, followed by Gebhard Klaus)

Head of the Jury of the VG Award since 1983
Dr Willy Rotzler
Prof Gotthard Graubner
Margit Weinberg-Staber
Madeleine Schuppli
2020 Andreas A. Meier
from 2021 Isabelle Krieg

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